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The Curtain Rod Store carries

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No holes to fill in if you made a mistake when putting up the rods. The Curtain Rod Store carries a selection of magnetic curtain rods in various styles and lengths. Magnetic curtain rods are the perfect solution for hanging curtains on steel doors or metal surfaces.Hanging sheers and light weight curtains has never been easier than with magnetic curtain rods! Magnetic curtain rods attach to metal surfaces in seconds. With the quick installation of magnetic curtain rods, you will have a completed decorator look in minutes.

Magnetic curtain rods attach in seconds to any steel door or smooth metal surfaceno tools required! They are just as easy to remove or adjust once they are for all the details and order yours today!Powerful magnets hold the rod secure so sheers and light weight curtains hang beautifully. Save time and put away your tools. Browse our website at www. Heavy duty magnetic curtain rods can hold up to 15 hot rolled steel coil pounds!

Your decorating options are endless. Dress up boring steel doors or window frames with valances and curtains. They come in white, ivory or brass finishes to compliment the dcor in your home. Magnetic curtain rods are adjustable and can fit side windows as small as 8 or door windows as wide as 44.CurtainRodStore. Even though most magnetic curtain rods are designed to hold light weight curtains, sheers, and valances, heavy duty rods are now available. There are a variety of styles available, such as a caf rod, side light/sash rod, wide pocket rod and dual purpose rod. If you are looking for privacy on door windows or side lights, magnetic curtain rods easily adhere to steel doors without any adhesives, nails, screws or tools.

Or add sheers to your front entrance door and side lights to put the finishing touch in your entry way.Enhance the look of your kitchen door with an attractive valance quickly attached with a magnetic curtain rod.You no longer have to worry about making holes in your metal doors or window frames. Because they are affordable, you can attach them to every steel door in your home. They project two inches from the surface allowing your valances and curtains to hang properly

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