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There are several models of Stainless Steel

dodano: 5 grudnia 2017 przez hotrolledtn

 These toilets have applications in both residential and commercial applications. Additionally, seamless welds eliminate cracks or seams that can be pried open and damage the toilet. They are engineered for industrial, commercial and residential use and are built to last a lifetime.Commercial applications for our Stainless Steel Toilets include hotel lobbies, restaurants, cafes, public parks, hospitals, theaters, shopping malls, executive suites and many others. Second, the flushing rims of the toilet are self draining which eliminates lavatory overflows. Probably none of your social or professional friends can testify to these advantages so we will help you a little. Stainless Steel Toilets are extremely durable and cannot be easily destroyed like porcelain toilets.

They are designed to withstand physical abuse in public places and heavy duty traffic areas. This makes them safe for parents (and security personnel). Stainless steel is a material that provides a hygienic surface and there are NO pores for the accumulation or growth of dirt or bacteria. The satin finish actually turns these toilets into design accessories. It is easily cleaned with common household cleaners. In addition, building owners and designers are more aware of the long term costs of vandalism. And our toilets feature low water consumption and flood disabling capability. And these Stainless Steel Toilets are designed to be sanitary. There are no exposed fasteners, filler material or other removable equipment. These toilets are very, very trendy with their cool metal gleam.

There are several models of Stainless Steel Toilets from which to choose. The designer stainless steel look of the kitchen is now migrating to the bathroom.Are you ready for a trendy Bathroom? Are you ready for an indestructible, gleamingStainless Steel Toilet like the color steel sheet ones in your state prisons? Your bathroom(s) can be the envy of your social and professional friends because they only have porcelain toilets. Clean, hygienic bathrooms are demanded by todays customers and stainless steel projects the image of cleanliness and advanced technology. You too can have the best in classic bathroom fixtures just like the prisoners in your state. First they are seamless and that eliminates hard to clean crevices.

And there are no rigid hooks, bars, rough edges, seams, or projections for children (or prisoners) to remove for any reason. Many of our models are ADA compliant and feature a height of eighteen inches from floor to top of seat. Our Stainless Steel Toilets are constructed of commercial grade heavy duty stainless steel for greater structural integrity. If your application is residential then a Stainless Steel Toilet would be an attractive feature in an ultra modern bathroom. They are virtually indestructible, rustproof, mold and bacteria resistant, tamper resistant and vandal resistant.Only those who have spent time in the joint will be familiar with the advantages of a Stainless Steel Toilet. The valves, flow controls and piping are internal / integral to the unit.Stainless steel is an ideal material for bathroom use and it is the perfect material for a toilet. (Interested in cool stainless steel bathtubs and sinks also?) They are designed to work with standard residential water and waste lines.

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